October 21, 2021


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6 Crypto Exchange Platforms You Should Know About

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Cryptocurrency has become the thing in vogue today. As lucrative as it may seem, some pitfalls make it significant for a person to arm him or herself with the right knowledge before venturing out into the industry. 

As a prospective dealer in cryptocurrencies, one thing you should know is the array of crypto exchange platforms that lay abound in the world of the internet. There are trusted crypto platforms and there are those that aren’t genuine.

How can you verify the authenticity of these platforms? One sure way to tackle such an issue is to pay attention to articles, and reviews by crypto experts and customers who may have had experiences with some of these companies.

And for this reason, we have put together some authentic crypto exchange platforms that you may find interesting. These platforms are listed below.

  1. Gemini

The more safety and credibility-conscious Gemini is among the best crypto exchange platforms you can come across. 

Opening a Gemini account with an initial deposit of around $100 gives you a $10 reward. But some of the downsides that have been noticed by users are its low customer support and exorbitant pricing.

  1. BlockFi

This is a US-based cryptocurrency outfit that offers customers token-lending options that generate interest. This alternative is very useful in that your original crypto wealth remains yours while you make more profit on it. 

Also opening an account with BlockFi and adhering to the required terms, you are sure to earn high interest. One downside is that there is a regular cap on withdrawals.

  1. Kraken

Kraken has been around for a long while in the crypto exchange business. Though they had a bit of a rough patch which culminated into a hiatus, the trading platform is back and better.

With Kraken, you can exchange so many types of cryptocurrencies for traditional currency quite easily and vice versa. It also encourages international transactions and its rates are quite fair. Its flexibility is unmatched by many.

  1. Coinbase Pro

Coinbase Pro is not fast but efficient. Its complex identity verification method can be a turn-off, but this is necessary as it leaves little or no room for error. One other thing is that it is more advanced and likely not the best option for beginner investors.

  1. Binance

One of the problems with Binance is its complex and not-too flexible platform. But it offers a wide range of cryptocurrency exchange options not available on some other platforms. But like the Coinbase Pro, it is not suitable for beginner investors.

  1. Bitstamp

The ease of use of Bitstamp makes it stand shoulder high among the rest. It is suitable for beginner investors as it is not too complex like some. 

Advanced users will find it very useful too, especially for bulky and timely transactions which cannot be possible with some other platforms that have usual limits on transactions.

Researching on these cryptocurrency trading platforms is a good way to begin. It will help you decide which one of the lots best suits your taste and goals. Once you’ve done that, navigating your way in the crypto business would be less daunting.

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